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Went to brunch at The Heights with my friends yesterday before checking out the Cherry Blossom Festival. It was just after 2pm and I was already exhausted because I’d gone to spin class earlier that morning. But luckily my hair, a 2-day twist-out, survived. All I’m wearing is my Oyin Handmade Hair Dew, and my Carol’s Daughter Hair Balm as a sealant. I kept it in twists while spinning, which I think saved my hair from frizz.

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The Hair Chronicles: Qhemet Biologics


So I am SUPER LATE with this review, but I was holding out because the site is currently down while the company owner recovers from an illness, and I was hoping the site would be up soon. However, almost four months later Qhem is still recovering and business has slowly resumed (you can purchase these items at a brick-and-mortar locations that are listed on the site as a temporary resource, more information here). No point in delaying this any further. The good news is that I’ve had enough time to really use these items to give an accurate review.

This was one of two brands that have been on my two-try list for about a year, and finally got my hands on it during their Cyber Monday sale, but hadn’t gotten around to doing a review until now. I first learned about this brand from CharyJay, who swears by it, and after watching a few of her tutorials and reading other reviews, I was intrigued. But even still, it wasn’t until this updated review that I was really interested (mostly because I was able to see the consistency of the products). The sale itself was pretty crazy - products were sold out in a matter of minutes (read about it here).

The rundown:

- Available for purchase on their website here (at the time of this review, the site is currently down for replenishing), or you can order/visit one of the stores listed. As of today, the DC location does not have any in stock. I checked. :-(

- Products consist of unique herbal blends and the incorporation of MSM. The products are also free of mineral oil, lanolin, silicones, phthalates, formaldehyde donor preservatives and SLS surfactants. All of the ingredients are carefully selected based on their historic and therapeutic value (source: Clutch Magazine - read here)

Here’s what I got:


Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee
- What it claims: Restores manageability, softness and elasticity to normal to very dry hair. Smooths cuticles, improves combing ability and reduces breakage.
- $16 for 8oz; $32 for 16oz (I got the 16oz because it was the only one available during the sale)
- Thick, whipped consistency; looks like whipped butter fresh out of your KitchenAid, doesn’t it?
- Dark chocolate scent


Burdock Root Butter Cream (left)
- What it claims: It is a light, water based leave-in for fine haired naturals, straight styles and those looking for a light penetrating moisturizer. It conditions and softens while nourishing the scalp. Leaves hair healthy, soft and supple!
- $16 for 8oz; purchased the sample for $5
- Pretty much unscented. 

Amla & Olive Heavy Cream (right)
- What it claims: This thick, rich formula leaves extra dry, coarse hair soft and supple for days!
- $16 for 8oz; purchased the sample for $5
- Faint citrus scent


Aethiopika Hydrate and Twist Butter
- From the website:
- $14, 5oz; purchased the sample for $5
- Mango scent
- Pomade-like with a smooth consistency

I only got the other three products in sample sizes because I wasn’t as sure about them as I was about the Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee. So, round one. On freshly washed, damp hair I applied the CTDG and…WOW. I’d seen how easily it detangled CharyJay’s hair, but to actually feel it for yourself…I was immensely impressed. After the CTDG I did a twist-out with the Burdock Root Butter Cream on the left side of my hair, the Amla & Olive Heavy Cream on the right, and the Aethiopika butter in the center back. 


The Amla & Olive Heavy Cream didn’t do much for me. I like for my twist-outs to have great hold and definition, but also softness. This cream was missing the hold for me. Same thing for the Burdock Root Butter Cream - it was too light for me. The Aethiopika butter, however, was much better. Softness, definition and hold. Would likely prefer in the warmer months because of the scent, and it was light enough where it wouldn’t weigh my hair down.

Since my Cyber Monday purchase I’ve used the CTDG several times  and am IN. LOVE. I love that it works wonders as both a leave-in after a wash as well as a refresher - it detangles my dry hair instantly. However, with Qhem still under the weather and me not yet near a location where I can pick up more, I’ve been using it sparingly. Once the site is back up, I’ll likely purchase another jar as backup and continue using it again. 

Repurchase? Definitely the CTDG and maybe the Aethiopika butter - if I can get to a store before the site reopens.


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How cute is this!!! Short film: Tamara
Animation is one of the things I want to be able to do eventually. Even if it means going back to school. This is a great story and the background and cgi details are superb.

Thanks E$.

Short Film: Tamara

This is everything, oh my heart.

reblogging again because this was so amazing and adorable and important

omg, the tears

This is perfection.

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If you’re ever in DC just strolling up and down 14th Street on a weekend afternoon, consider stopping inside Barcelona for brunch. My roomies and I spotted it on our way to another brunch, checked out the menu, and made it a point to come back. I had the steak tartare tapas (third row, far left), and my roommate had the French toast (third row, center), and the ox tail hash (third row, far right). But the main attraction for me were the lemon ricotta pancakes with lavender honey and fresh fruit. OMG. Get the pancakes.

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myvisionskeepmealive asked: I am SO glad I came across your tumblr. FINALLY, I found someone who loves Gambino as much as me :D haha. Thank you!!

Anytime. Hope you were able to make it to the Deep Web Tour!

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The Hair Chronicles: Carol’s Daughter Part II


As you’ve probably noticed by now, Carol’s Daughter is now available in Target. I’ve used their products before (see my previous review here), but there were a few in particular that I’d seen on their site and at their store in the mall that I was interested in checking out, but never got around to it. Now that they’re closer to me (my neighborhood Target is in walking distance from my home), I was more inclined to try them. 

The rundown:

Hair Balm

- $9.00, available at Target, Carol’s Daughter stores, and online
- From the website: Sometimes it takes the perfect amount of this, with a dab of that, to get the perfect look. A bit of pomade added to an oil or hair cream blends well and makes hair easier to style, manage and control frizz. This liquid pomade hairdress deeply moisturizes, but is light enough to work well with any other product without causing product overload. Hair Balm is made with only the best ingredients — like Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil and Vitamins D & E — to give all hair types exactly what it needs to improve its overall condition and shine. It’s sure to become a part of your daily maintenance for beautiful, healthy hair. 
- Looks like that TCB hair grease, if it were in liquid form
- Dissolves immediately when rubbed between the palms
- Herbal/honey scent

Marguerite’s Magic Hairdress Restorative Cream

- $12
- From the websiteLisa’s nana, Marguerite, was a woman of many talents. In addition to being a wonderful cook and baker, Nana also made her own hairdress. When a perm had someone’s hair falling out, they would come to Maggie for some of her magic. This intense conditioning cream recaptures some of this magic–It brings life back to hair that is dry or over-processed. The blend of Soybean Oil with Cocoa and Shea Butters deeply nourishes your hair to restore its natural strength, soften and improve manageability. It’s sure to become a part of your daily maintenance for beautiful, healthy hair. 
- Smooth, buttery texture, same as the Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter
- Clean, floral scent

A few of the reviews on the website recommended using the Hair Balm as part of the “L.O.C. (liquid/oil/cream)” method, where you apply your leave-in first, an oil second, and a styler third. I usually skip the oil part because oils tend to just sit on my head and make it oilier than I prefer, opting for just a good leave-in, and a butter that serves as a sealant, sometimes adding an oil pomade for extra protection on my ends. However, this time I opted to give it a shot. On freshly washed hair that had been air-dried for about an hour, I applied my Oyin Handmade Hair Dew, then added the Hair Balm and the Marguerite’s Magic in that order, and did a routine twist-out. Here are my results:


My thoughts:

- So this Hair Balm? LOVE IT. This is the first Carol’s Daughter product that I’ve actually been super-excited about. What shoots a product to the top of my list is when it’s mutli-faceted. I loved the way it melted into my hair, it layers well with other products as advertised on their website, and I could tell it would likely work well without an additional styler, if I preferred. Perhaps in the warmer months when I’m using less product. In addition, I am in love with the scent, which is good because it lingers, and it’s pleasant enough where it can work well with other stylers without clashing horribly. Another plus is that it plays well with many other products - I’ve already used it an additional two times with a different leave-in conditioner (Jane Carter Solution Revitalizing Leave-in Conditioner), and two different stylers (my Beija-Flor Creme Brulee and my Oyin Handmade Boing!), and it plays well with all of them. I can see myself including this as a routine product to represent the oils I know my hair can use, without the residue. I’ll also be incorporating the L.O.C. method with this product. Might just make the Holy Grail. Maybe.

- Marguerite’s Magic…not so much. As you can see in the pic, the definition wasn’t bad at all, but it felt too heavy and greasy on my hair, and after a while, the scent (which also lingers and overpowers the Hair Balm) was too heavy and annoying. The website says this product is for dry, brittle and textured hair, and rightfully so, because it was too much for mine. I prefer the Healthy Hair Butter, which they recommend for a lighter touch (my sister LOVES it). 

There is an additional Carol’s Daughter product that I’m interested in trying as well, and will update you on that once I’m able to check it out. 

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