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This past Saturday my sister, nephew and I took a day trip to NYC to attend the Let Your Hair Down Expo, sponsored by Hairfinity and hosted by Jenell Stewart of KinkyCurlyCoilyMe and Christina Brown of Love Brown Sugar at the SIR Stage37 on W. 37th Street. It was a great day to be in the city, enjoying the fall air. There’s just something about NYC that is so addictive. 

The expo was attended by hundreds, and a good time was had. And I mean hundreds. The line was around the corner when we showed up, but luckily I’d purchased “fast passes” (VIP tickets that came with a swag bag) during the $4 sale and we got in rather quickly. This was just after noon. When we left about 3.5 hours later, the line was still around the corner. Apparently the event space was always at mass capacity, so people couldn’t get in until other people left. There was some dissent among customers since they bought tickets, but to the host’s defense, that’s the incentive to getting the VIP passes and taking advantage of early sales. It guarantees entry. I later received an email from expo organizer Candace Kelly, explaining that while the venue was twice as big as the year before (this is the third annual event, I believe), the arrival times of attendees outpaced the space. In the future, there will only be pre-sold tickets and a cap will be placed on the number of attendees. 

Now, on the inside, I really enjoyed the vendors and took advantage. Karen’s Body Beautiful was also there, and I got to meet Karen herself (beautiful woman!). I was mostly on the hunt for more body products since I have more than enough for hair, but got sucked in anyway. What I bought:

  • Soultanicals Lock-n-Roll Twist & Fro-out Penetrating Hair Butter 
  • Soultanicals Curl Blaze hair glaze
  • SDot Beauty Body Velvet body butter in Spiced Cake (smells like oatmeal raisin cookies and moisturizes on contact - yes!)
  • Karen’s Body Beautiful moisturizing conditioner in pomegranate guava (I’d wanted it in vanilla latte, but maybe I’ll order online unless they have it at the expo I’m attending next week)

In the swag bag I got a sample of Design Essentials hair lotion and a full-size bottle of Curls moisturizer spray. I’d originally wanted the sample pack of Soultanicals products, but I slept on it while visiting other booths and they sold out pretty fast. Luckily my sister was able to grab a pack, and while we sat in the lounge area, tested two of the products on a couple of our twists. Liking the scent and consistency (and not wanting to miss an opportunity while they were right there instead of going online), I went ahead and purchased two full sizes of the items I tested out. Yesterday was wash day and I went ahead and gave them a shot. I’ll post results later after one or two more uses.


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